The EDGE exists to create a Christ- centered community for those who are called to disciple their children through homeschooling.

We are a homeschooling cooperative (co-op) comprised of Christian families united voluntarily to meet the common goal of discipline and tutoring our children through enrichment education opportunities.  We believe it is our responsibility to teach our own children while finding ways to enhance the lives of others that are on the same journey.  We strive to be a shining light in the community and be the visible hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

Co-op Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year is closed.

Registration for our Community Group is open year round.

Get Involved

There are two levels of involvement with the EDGE.  

The Community Group can be joined year round and is a great way to get to know families and start builiding connections without the weekly commitment of co-op.  To find out more about the benefits of the community group or to sign up, click here.

Co-op can only be joined during Registration which is generally in May, but may remain open till July if space if available.  To find out more about co-op, what classes are offered, or info on registration, click here.